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Junior Software Developer

Tilburg & Amsterdam

Within an innovative company that is passionate about Data Science! A company that has made and tremendous impact on the market is looking for teammembers to continue that growth!


The role

BitConnect is offering you the role of Junior Software Developer. As an Junor Software Developer, you will build software systems that deal with large amounts of data. This will be mainly be in object-oriented languages (e.g., Java) and/or functional programming languages (e.g, Scala). You will work together with a team of experienced developers to realize new software architectures. To be able to tot his this, you will quickly grasp new programming languages and concepts and are able to put them into practice. You will be creative in finding a solution to programming challenges and know how to clearly communicate this to different stakeholders. Also you will have total freedom in how to divide your time, by participating in inspiring projects for clients or be part of the R&D team by developing the high-end data science platform.



  • BS or MS in Computer Science

  • Passionate about object oriented programming languages (such as Java)

  • Affinity with databases


The company

You will be working within a team of ambitious people with a passion for data science. They provide clients with accurate consumer predictions, to make them become customer centric. They enhance their clients business results and empower retail and insurance companies to give their consumers the personalized offers and services they desire by turning data intro concrete actions. The culture is one characterized by trust, responsibility, connection and freedom, empowering you to contribute to the organization in the way that fits your interests and needs. Offering you a development program, cool activities and you choose your own focus and get it done your way. Want to work from home? Sure! Working from the office and need a break in your day by enjoying a nice game of FIFA or a walk? Of course! Want to take a holiday? There’s no track keeping of holiday hours, there’s trust that you act in the company and your best interest!

Located in Tilburg and Amsterdam.



  • Salary from 2500 to 3000 euro gross p/m

  • Flexible working hours

  • Good secundaire benefits


Through us

Finding your new position through BitConnect means being able to choose out of the best companies, getting a great remuneration package and a working closely together, allowing you the take the best next step in your career!


Contact us straight away to schedule an interview. You can reach your recruiter Jurandy Westerhout on +31621701707 or via

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